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AMLEN Calls for Just and Transparent Immigration Reform

April 26, 2013 By: Sarah Category: The situation

Today is another day in America. Another day to serve as a reminder of how immigrants play different roles in the American society. But as typical Washington fashion dictates, this debate over immigration reform is forever stalled for one reason or another. It will always be a difficult topic for politicians to tackle and stand behind, mainly if to speak in support of a humane and reasonable immigration system.

The American Moroccan Legal Empowerment Network was created on the foundation of a simple principle: All have rights and responsibilities. Since its inception a few years ago, we have grown to embrace new ideals and ideas, understand the issues that drive various topics involving and affecting real people in America and beyond.

As American with various backgrounds and native lands, tongues and skin colors, genders and faiths, we stand as a part of a society that was based on the principle of equality and freedom. As Humans, we seek a better immigration system to welcome and guide, protect and teach, educate and empower. A different system than the one we know today, delayed and broken, lengthy and frustrating, biased and mysterious.

As Americans, we ask those who represent us to think of how we all came to this land, either ourselves or our ancestors. We are in full swing for a real reform as the many polls have showed. We support an immigration system that supports and protects human rights for all and especially towards those immigrants coming from the Southern parts of the continents. We ask for humane treatment for all those who land on the American shores, for a stronger, transparent and equitable due process rooted in the principle of our constitution.

We join our voice to the many organizations seeking a just and humane immigration reform today.

We ask for a greater oversight of the various agencies handling immigrants and especially the U.S Customs and Border Protection.

We ask for limits on the detention time a person can be held for immigration violation before seeing a judge.

We ask for a reform that will not be used as a propeller for racial profiling and faith-based or skin-based harassment, among others.

We ask for due process on cases deemed as subject to removal and deportation or purposeful targeting of immigrants at specific locations; asking for expedited processing to have their cases heard by a competent judge.

We ask for a reform that upholds true American and interfaith values that reflect what this country has been and will always be: a land of immigrants and safe haven from persecution for those who show merit.

AMLEN Strongly Condemns Boston Marathon Attacks and Calls for Accountability

April 17, 2013 By: Sarah Category: The situation

(Washington D.C. – 4/16/13) – The American Moroccan Legal Empowerment Network (AMLEN) extends its deepest condolences and support to all of those affected by the bombings that killed three individuals—including an 8-year-old child—and injured more than 170 at the Boston Marathon on Monday.

AMLEN condemns this ruthless act in the strongest terms and calls for a thorough investigation into the details surrounding the tragedy—deemed the worst attack on US soil since 9/11—and accountability for all perpetrators in order to achieve justice for the victims and their families. What occurred in Boston this week represents an attack on American values and Americans everywhere regardless of their color, national origins or beliefs because in the words of Martin Luther King Jr., “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

As Moroccan-Americans, we are inspired by values of compassion, justice and human unity. With the investigation still in its initial phases, AMLEN stands and will continue to remain in solidarity with the individuals and groups affected by this tragedy and those who are calling for answers and clarity. We urge everyone to remain vigilant of his or her surroundings and to report any suspicious activity or information related to the attack to 800-494-TIPS (8477). To identify family members or victims, please call 617-635-4500.

Founded in 2010, AMLEN is a national grassroots advocacy organization committed to a progressive movement for legal empowerment, social and economic justice for the growing Moroccan-American community and immigrants in general.

Call for comments: La Parité et la lutte contre toutes formes de discrimination

April 17, 2013 By: Sarah Category: The situation

Dear all,

In light of the recent creation of the Moroccan Committee on “La Parité et la lutte contre toutes formes de discrimination,” the Cmte is tasked with proposing a draft law re: Art. 19 & Art. 164 of the Moroccan Constitution to define State obligations to address discrimination based on a tripartite framework (obligation to respect, obligation to protect, obligation to fulfill). The Committee is keen to receive comments from Moroccan women abroad to ensure that this lawmaking process is inclusive of women’s voices. As Moroccan-Americans, our engagement is quintessential in this consultative framework. If you need additional information or have any questions, please contact AMLEN at If you wish to approach the Committee directly, please contact Fatima Zahra Baba Ahmed, Chargée du Secrétariat du Comité scientifique Phone# +212 6 61384048 Email :