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AMLEN Participates in Women’s Competences Forum in Rabat

November 29, 2013 By: Sarah Category: The situation

Joining other Moroccan female representatives from France, Italy, Belgium and Spain, AMLEN participated in the first “Meeting of Moroccan Women of the World” on October 11 in Rabat. The conference, organized by parliamentarian Nezha Elouafi and held on the day of Morocco’s National Women’s Day, focused on the skills and competences of Moroccan women living abroad including the evolution, stakes and challenges they may face. This first gathering focused on three axes: fighting against discrimination; taking action towards equality; and the role of women as citizens.

The event provided an opportunity for women of the Moroccan diaspora to discuss and exchange ideas about various issues related to their double identities – for example, some themes that were raised included “women as actors of change”, “accessing professional paths”, and “equality and state of female emigrants.” The women were also able to meet with various political officials and stakeholders in Morocco including Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane to discuss the Moroccan diaspora in their respective host countries.

In addition to bringing together Moroccan women of different backgrounds to share experiences, the purpose of the forum was to begin to create a network of Moroccan female competences (RCFM) and create partnerships towards a deep knowledge base. This shared knowledge would serve to strengthen the important contributions and role of Moroccan women in the development of both Morocco and their respective adopted countries around the world.