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Moroccan Administration E-services for the Community overseas

March 27, 2015 By: Sarah Category: Get Involved, The situation

Morocco E-Services:

List of Public Service resources for the Moroccan Community living Abroad.

Documents Administratifs pour MRE / Legal Documents:
Etat civil – Carte nationale d’identité – Passeport
Carte d’enregistrement – Laissez-passer – Permis de conduire
Mariage – Naissance – Noms famille et prénoms – Décès
Dédouanement des véhicules automobiles – Retour au Maroc

Forum International des Compétences Marocaines à l’Etranger

Guide douanier des MRE

Assistance au dédouanement des marchandise à l’importation en ligne

Administration de la Douane et impôt indirect

Ministère de l’Emploi et de la formation professionnelle

Droits et démarches des MRE

Conseil national des droits de l’homme
Email :

Le médiateur / Institution Al-Wassit
Complexe des jardins IRAM, Rue Arromane,Hay riad, Rabat
Tél : 0537564819
Fax : 0537564280

Conseil de la communauté marocaine à l’étranger
Mahaj Ryad. Imm 10. Hay Ryad – Rabat 10 000
Tél : 0537566633

Haute autorité de la communication audiovisuelle
Espace les palmiers, Lot 26, Angle Avenues Anakhil et Mehdi Ben Barka,- Hay Ryad Rabat
Tél : 0537579600
Fax : 0537717274
Email : /

L’instance nationale de la probité, de la prévention et de la lutte contre la corruption
Email :

Le conseil supérieur de l’éducation, de la formation et de la recherche scientifique
Avenue Allal El Fassi-Madinat Al Irfane – Rabat
Tél : 0537774425
Fax : 0537774612

Conseil constitutionnel
Place Ach-Chouhada BP 10000 Rabat Maroc
Tél : 0537 73 72 82
Fax : 0537 72 80 02
Email :


Caisses de Retraite/Retirement


October 04, 2010 By: admin Category: Get Involved


While Moroccans who migrated to European countries were typically unskilled workers hoping to escape their country’s high unemployment rate, those who came to the United States from approximately the late 1970s through the 1990s tended to have more education and better job skills.

They settled in urban areas, especially in New York City, New England, the District of Columbia, California, and Texas, where they often established small businesses or entered professional fields.

By the late 1990s, a large proportion of Moroccans in the United States were students or recent university graduates.  With the recent economic downturn, the question of how to promote the welfare of Moroccan Americans in the US and protect their rights has catapulted to the center of the Moroccan-American agenda.

As such, a stronger presence and support from a legal standpoint to the Moroccans in the US, is most needed to support the Moroccan American diaspora.

In light of the strong need for the legal empowerment of the Moroccan American community, and in line with His Excellency Minister Ameur’s recently announced legal strategy for the Moroccan communities living abroad, I would like to announce the launch of the MOROCCAN AMERICAN LEGAL EMPOWERMENT NETWORK (AMLEN).